Report on Organic Farming Principles and Practice Held From 11th -13th September 2018 At Jolly Hotel, Otta Ikosi, Agbowa, Lagos State.

The training programme was organized by Launch out Now Foundation as part of her mandate to improve farmers understanding on growing healthy food.

Objectives of this training programme:

To create awareness on the importance of Organic Farming to intending and practicing  farmers

To improve the knowledge of farmers on the benefits of Organic Farming

To equip participants with skills needed to establish and practise organic farming

To enhance the production of safe and healthy food

The programme of activities includes teachings and hands on practical’s that was a great eye opener to the participants. They were enlightened on dangers of growing food with synthetic chemicals and the importance of growing and eating healthy food.

The training Course outline included;

  • Basic concepts in organic agriculture i.e Definition, Principles, Components, Benefits, and Requirement for Organic  production
  • Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)
  • Organic system planning i.e farm lay out/sections;
  • Crop Production & Protection and Soil Fertility Management in OA

Organic Insecticide and Fungicide Production

  • Record keeping
  • Marketing / Economics of organic production
  • Organic animal production (Poultry and fisheries)
  • Farm Tour/ Practical’s


The pre training evaluation showed that the participants had little or no knowledge about organic farming at the first day and post training evaluation at the last day revealed that, the programme was educative, impactful and participants expressed satisfaction about the information acquired and were enthusiastic about starting organic farming.

Success story with pictures during the training